The Greenbeans are a young and rowdy folk duo from Upstate New York featuring brothers Vinny (vocals, guitar, mandolin) and Joe Ferris (vocals, banjo, harmonica).

Since 2010, they have developed a large catalogue of original music while performing for enthusiastic crowds of all ages throughout New York and Vermont. Drawing comparisons to The Lumineers and the Avett Brothers by fans, a catchy pop hit sensibility recalling early Weezer is also evident beneath the duo’s traditional folk instrumentation.

In 2014, the brothers completed their first full-length album with producer Kenny Siegal (Langhorne Slim & The Law, Willy Mason) at Old Soul Studios in Catskill, New York. It was mastered by Fred Kevorkian (The National, Ryan Adams) at Avatar Studios in New York City.

The Greenbeans are currently booking national and international tours to promote the upcoming release of their self-titled debut record.



  • These days, I’m intrigued to hear anything Kenny Siegal sends my way. He’s as passionate, raw and uniquely himself as anyone I’ve known. He doesn’t send me much but I’m glad he sent this. I’m diggin’ the Greenbeans sound and look forward to hearing more from themLanghorne Slim
  • “Unfettered jubilation and an intriguing balance of unspoiled country bumpkin music-making with a natural ear for an instantly memorable, dare I say, commercial hook make the Greenbeans the sort of band that could have the world beating a path to the mother and father of all parties that they presumably spark around Lake Placid” Rob Adams, The Herald (Scotland)
  • It’s heartening to know that there’s still an outlet for raw talent, which when kick-started by youthful energy and applied to good tunes, results in the type of joyful punchy three-minute earworms produced by The GreenbeansR2 Magazine writer, David Innes